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We are a small farm located in Fowlerville,
Michigan striving to breed for conformation,
temperment, performance & to preserve the
look of the old style traditional Gypsy Cob.

Our dream to own such beautiful animals
came true. We pride ourselves on honesty
& integrity. We find much joy with our equine
friends whom have made lifelong companions
for us. We have met many great friends along
our journey and hope to make many more.

A special thanks goes to my Mom for making
such a dream come true and to my best and
life-long friend Sue Styx who along with others
has made me gain much insight and knowledge
about the Gypsy Vanner breed.

There is no other horse like a Gypsy with
their kind and gentle nature, with a heart
of gold willingness to please, doing anything
you ask them to do. These animals have
captured my heart and soul just as I hope
they do for you.

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