Quarrystone Lanty Tarn

Originally imported from the UK by Sue Styx.
Standing at 15.2 Lanty is the biggest, boldest
and the queen of the patures. She has such
finesse and beauty and makes everyones
jaw drop with her presence.

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The following is Lanty's page from Sue Styx' site Run Gypsy Run

The above picture was taken at Lanty's first show
the Heartland Feathered Classic in September 2009.
Lanty has the WOW factor, and turned some heads.

Lanty at home doing what
Gypsy Horses do best!

Lanty at ten months

A big thankyou to Pat & Brian at P&B Studs.

Here I am back in England as a baby.

This was taken just before I left for my big adventure.
Still just a baby and about to head to the States

My human has a thing about horsey butts!

Out for a meal with my boyfriend Rocky

Here's a picture of my dam.

This is my sire.

Just give me the apple!

See my beautiful double mane!

There is an interesting story to Lanty's name, I sent pictures of her to Catherine of
Ellerbeck Coloured Cumbrian Cobs
Catherine said "When you first showed her to me I thought she was a real leggy tall thing and we have a term to describe such tall living things as "lanky", that made me think of the name of a small lake in the Lake District called Lanty Tarn. A tarn is a small pond of water, generally high up in the hills, and Lanty's Tarn ( always pronounced Lanty Tarn by locals) actually is the water supply for the two villages below which are called Glenridding and Patterdale the views over lake Ullswater from up at Lanty Tarn are spectacular."

A picture of Lanty Tarn More info and pictures of the area